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USB Flash Drives for the Music Industry

As you know, sales of CD's has been rapidly declining in the last few years. iTunes and similar services have made it easier, and often less expensive, to purchase and store music.

If you are an artist or band, custom USB flash drives, preloaded with your music, offers many exciting opportunities.

  • Sell custom USB flash drives preloaded with your music before and after live events.
  • Stay relevant and connected to your fan base by having your name and website printed on the flash drive.
  • Utilize as an incentive for customers that purchase VIP tickets to concerts.
  • Produce a custom shape that will uniquely identify your band or identity.


Some clients have also used a custom USB flash drive as a VIP entry pass for music festivals. You can distribute with or without music content. We can program the flash drives so that the data (music) cannot be deleted.