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Photography - Video

Are you a professional photographer or videographer?

If you, you should consider producing a custom USB flash drive order to distribute content to your customers.

Although burning a DVD is very inexpensive, most new computers do not include a DVD player. High speed internet connections have made streaming of video easy and immediate.

USB flash drives are:

  • Affordable. Large capacity flash drives are inexpensive and available up to 32GB (for some models). You can provide to your customer in place of a DVD, or as an option for $10 or less in most cases.
  • A great way to keep your name or company in front of clients after the event is finished. DVD's tend to get thrown in the drawer, or thrown out. Flash drives are often used on a regular basis, especially with the addition of a key ring or lanyard. Referrals are usually the best way to land new business. Print your logo, name, phone number, email address, and website so prospects can easily reach you.
  • Small, compact, and durable. Your customers can use them to store valuable content, like music or personal videos, in addition to what you preload.