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Preloading for Business Promotional Item

We highly recommend that you let us preload your corporate message so that it will be reinforced when your business promotional item is used by the intended recipient. Your customers can not only have a fully functioning promotional product in the form of a customized USB drive but they will also have long term access to your company’s product information, marketing message and/or product catalog(s).

Your customized USB drive or business promotional item can be preloaded with any file type - it does not matter. An executable file can also be set up to run each type the flash drive is plugged in (subject to OS and platform limitations).

Applications for your Business Promotional Item

  • A Flash Presentation
  • Non erasable content containing your marketing message
  • Power Point Presentation
  • Website Preloaded
  • Audio/Video Clips
  • Product/Service Brochure
  • Interactive Presentation that directs the individual to a private web site

Data Protection

We can also program your flash drives so that the content is not erasable. In addition, one partition could be formatted for the MAC OS and file, the other for PC. All MAC and PC operating systems are supported. The flash drive would be read only and could not be modified, or the data protection removed.


USB Drives are one of the hottest ways to communicate your brand, deliver a high impact marketing message and/or make a lasting impression on your customer base!

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