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Posted: Monday, April 6, 2020









First of all, we hope that you are well and safe during this terrible COVID-19 pandemic. It's a very challenging time for virtually all businesses, both big and small. We know it's likely that many of your planned meetings, travel  and conventions have been cancelled or delayed. As a consequence, there is very little demand worldwide for promotional products such as custom USB flash drives, power banks, or Qi chargers. 

The same trusted  factories that we have done business with over 10 years have now pivoted to also supplying some critically needed PPE (personal protective equipment) products. They continue to produce custom USB flash drives, power banks, and chargers. 

We are now offering these products to all of our customers and prospective customers. The market price for these products have "gone through the roof" compared to Amazon, and others. The difference is that Amazon is quoting late May delivery for masks. We can supply in about 15 business days.

We are featuring 3 new products.

PromosSanitizer - 30ML personal bottles of hand sanitizer (500 units/carton)

PromosMask - disposable face mask for civilian use (full case is 2000 units) 

N95 Face Mask - N95 mask (Full case is 1000 units)

Minimum orders for the masks is 150 units. 

To get a current quote, please login on our home page (promosusb.com) and submit your quote request. We normally can have pricing for you in 15 minutes, or the next business day (for larger requirements). 

We would welcome the opportunity to work with you on any of your needs . I am confident that by working together, keeping everyone safe, with American ingenuity, that we will beat this virus and hopefully return to our "normal" lives. 

Best regards, 

Roy Filinson